News To Business Programs

Instagram and Facebook Program

Our newest project has the goal to help Newsagents to familiarise with Social Media and enable you to create the correct content on Instagram and Facebook to increase your sales and brand awareness. We provide you all the training to teach you from having nothing (no social media accounts or skills) to being able to post photos, videos with the right captions, hashtags and target it the right public.  Price: $1,999.00 (plus gst) ONLY $350.00 (plus gst) until the end of August 2021.

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Balloon Land Training Program

The purpose of this Training Program is to assist retailers capitalise on an OPPORTUNITY to increase profits and the value of their business. We will teach you everything about the Balloon Business Opportunity. From why you should invest on having balloons at your Newsagency to how to order stock, how to blow them correctly, price it the right way and more. 

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Shopify Store Program

WE WILL BUILD YOUR SHOPIFY STORE FOR YOU and give you all the information to assist you to add more products, edit products, receive orders, etc and be able to manage your store yourself. 

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The Newsagents Manual

Since Brendan Geyer first released The Newsagents Manual in 2002, this comprehensive guide to every aspect of the newsagency industry is an essential series of documents for any newsagent serious about running a profitable business. Price: $1100 (plus GST).

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Gold Club

Gold Club is the ultimate system for incentivising your customers to keep returning to your business. This system formed the cornerstone of Brendan Geyer's 'Retail Challenge' which helped scores of retailers around Australia massively increase their turnover. Price: $850 (plus GST).

Local Leader JV Progam

Be a local leader! This product provides you with the tools you need to form joint ventures with other local businesses to win new returning business for both you and your local business partners. Price: $900 (plus GST).

Stationery Secrets

Retailers have seen their market share being eaten away by the big supermarkets and office suppliers - but it doesn't have to be that way! This package will give you the secrets to understand how to beat them at their own game, and give you the tools you need to secure as many stationery customers as you want. Price: $1200 (plus GST).

Scratchie Sales Growth

Scratchies sales make up a significant source of revenue for your business. This program never fails and will deliver you 20%+ increase in additional sales in your store! Developed by Brendan Geyer over 10 years ago, this system unlocks the secrets to Scratchie marketing. Price: $200 (plus GST).

Lotto Sales Growth

Lotto drives customers through your door! This is the system which put Brendan Geyer on the map as a business expert - learn how his simple marketing and sales techniques can win you a huge increase in revenue all year round. Price: $700 (plus GST).

Magazine Promo Systems

Streamline your magazine stock and establish your business as the market leader with these simple but effective systems for promoting magazine sales. Attract new customers and get them spending in your store. Price: $400 (plus GST).

Newspaper Promo Systems

There's nothing quite like getting the morning paper delivered to your door - that's the message that you need to push to your customers. Maximise your newspaper delivery services and watch your newspaper sales grow and drive new customers into your store. Price: $450 (plus GST).

Business Basics Pack

This business basics pack provides you with administrative forms and business templates to help make your business more efficient. Also included is a guide to "always balance your till" which you can use to train staff and improve your business accounting. Price: $300 (plus GST).

News To Business Products

News To Business provides business and marketing products tailored for Australian and New Zealand newsagencies. Each product is carefully reviewed by the News To Business accounting, marketing and legal teams as well as by our business expert Brendan Geyer. Purchase one or more products with the Product Mentoring package and you are guaranteed 3x return on investment within 90 days.